Dr. Dola Adeboye

Executive Director & Board Chairman at African Food Research Network

Dr. Adedola Adeboye is a Food Research Scientist with two decades of cumulative experience of teaching, research and extension services. He holds a Ph.D in Food Science from University of Pretoria, South Africa, with specialization in Starch Characterization & Application Technology. He is an academic, project coordinator, author and curriculum development expert, who is passionate about science for the society and the conversion of regular academic training to entrepreneurial initiatives. He has published articles in learned journals and co-authored books in the field of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Adeboye is a member of the International Union of Food Science & Technology’s Education committee on undergraduate curricula, approval processes and global recognition (2020–2023 term). He is the Executive Director & Board Chairman of African Food Research Network. He was a three-time Governing Council member of the Nigerian Institute of Food Science & Technology.