Douglas Silver

Author of "Rise of the Mining Royalty Companies"

Douglas Silver is not only the author of “Rise of the Mining Royalty Companies” but was the founder, Chairman and CEO of International Royalty Corporation before getting acquired by Royal Gold Inc.Rise of the Mining Royalty Companies:The modern public mining royalty and streaming industry began in 1986 with the conversion of Franco-Nevada Mining Corporation from an exploration into a royalty company. Collectively, this industry has since grown to more than 35 companies and approximately $66 billion in market capitalization. The royalty and streaming industry offer two important services: it is a major funding source to large and small companies, and its public companies command some of the higher price-to-net-asset-value ratios of any industry.Told by titans in the industry, this entertaining book shows readers what the founders were thinking about the industry at the time of their corporate formation and the innovative methods that kept the market active and moving in new directions.Most of the founders of the largest companies are now retired, and this book captures their stories for future generations. Their intimate knowledge and leadership provide current and future royalty holders and investors with unique knowledge, detailing how this industry has developed, evolved, and thrived.