David Stein

President & Director of Kuya Silver

David is first and foremost an investor, and founded Kuya Silver in 2017 after being introduced to the Bethania silver mining project and striking a deal to buy a controlling stake in the mine. Leading Kuya Silver in its early phases, David has used all the skills he has developed from more than 20 years in the mining capital markets.

Until 2016, David had leading roles with mining-specialist merchant bank, Aberdeen International. He spearheaded a number of important investment initiatives, generating strong returns during the last mining bull market, and capitalizing on opportunistic transactions during the subsequent downturn for natural resources. Prior to that, David was a Director and Equities Analyst focused on the Precious Metals sector at Cormark Securities. David has a technical background, receiving an M.Sc. (Geology) and B.AppSci (Geological Engineering) from Queen’s University in Canada before joining the capital markets.