Blair Zaritsky

Chief Financial Officer at Osisko Mining

Blair Zaritsky is a chartered professional accountant with more than 15 years of professional experience, of which have been mostly in the mining sector. Blair joined the Company in June 2012 and completed the Initial Public Offering shortly after in December. In August 2015, he was a key part of the successful merger of four companies that helped obtain the flagship Windfall Lake assets that has significantly grown the Company to over $1-billion market capitalization. Blair joined INV Metals in 2008 as a Corporate Controller and developed and managed all accounting and legal functions in both Namibia and Brazil. Prior to INV Metals, Blair worked as a Senior Manager for Collins Barrow LLP (now RSM Richter Inc.). Blair is currently a member of the CPA Canada-PDAC IFRS committee that produces Viewpoints on IFRS accounting issues for the mining industry. Blair received his C.A. designation in 2003 with Collins Barrow LLP (now RSM Richter Inc.) and holds a Bachelor of Arts, (Hons.) Economics from the University of Western and a Bachelor of Accounting, (Hons.) from the University of Brock.