Altai Khangai


Mr. Khangai is the CEO of the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), re-appointed since September 2016. He is an active promoter of the capital markets to the investor community and potential issuers, as result, the Mongolian capital market is going through an IPO boom since late 2017 and welcomed investments into the local capital markets by well-known international institutional investors. During his time of service at the MSE, the markets capitalization of the Mongolian capital market jumped to USD2.0 billion in 2011 from USD400.00 million in 2009.

His previous work experiences include MRI – Swiss-based commodity trading house, Toronto-based Centerra Gold Inc., the Personal Aide to the Mongolian Prime Minister and the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister. He is an Honorary President of the Mongolian-British Chamber of Commerce and a founding partner of one of the local real estate development companies.