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Meet the 6ix Investor Experience (IX) Platform, a suite of tools purpose built to help investor relations professionals attract new investors, engage existing shareholders, and get analyst coverage.

Introducing the 6ix
Investor Experience (IX) Platform

Its everything you need to connect with investors online.


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For investor relations professionals...

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Summits & Virtual Events

Share valuable information and answer questions about your company in real-time. Engage and connect with your audience through a variety of unique summit formats.

  • Press Release
  • Fireside Chat
  • Educational Series
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Year in Review
  • Pre-Recorded
  • 6-Minute Update
  • Pitch Battle
  • Solo Summit
  • Panel Summit
6ix RAISE  software

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Digital Roadshow & Virtual Conferences

Captivate your audience with stunning and modern graphics and videos, that can be used for all of your company’s digital marketing needs.

  • Short Video Clips
  • Long Video Clips
  • Ad Designs
  • Social Media Designs
  • Landing Page Design
  • Popup Design
6ix RAISE software

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Marketing & Advertising Plan

Reach your target audience efficiently and effectively. Build your following and attract more investors to engage with your company’s story and updates.

  • Grow Your Email List
  • Get Visitors to Your PR
  • Promote Your Page on 6ix
  • Promote Your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Native Ads
  • Google Display & Search Ads
  • Display Banners
  • Video Ads
6ix RAISE software

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Email Marketing & Automation Strategy

Make each new follower feel important by utilizing email marketing strategies. Ensure your followers are welcomed and in the know, whenever your company has new updates.

  • Welcome Emails
  • Press Release
  • Event Invite
  • Meeting Invite
  • Investor Newsletter
  • General Update
6ix RAISE software

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Social Media & Content Calendar

Share your company’s recent updated at the right time, and to the right people. Schedule your content ahead of time, to ensure that your followers are always kept up to date.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
6ix RAISE software

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Website & Investor Portal

Improve user experience, increase website traffic and conversions by revamping your website. Establish trust with potential customers with your well-designed site.

  • Landing Page
  • Web Page
  • Blog Post
  • Investor Portal
6ix RAISE software

6ix RAISE Is…

Your Analytics & Peer Insights

Gather valuable data on your marketing campaigns, ads and summits, and utilize the insights to improve your strategies and make informed business decisions.

  • Overall Dashboard
  • Summit Dashboard
  • Social Dashboard
  • Email Dashboard
  • Ads Dashboard
  • Peer Comparasion
6ix RAISE software

Powered by the 6ix
Investor Experience (IX) Platform App Store

A universe of applications purpose built for your needs as an investor relations professional


Event hosting software suite

Present slides, videos, and audio files. Release polls, share handouts, issue offers. Engage in live Q&A and encourage audience participation. Publish the video recording for easy viewing.


Event hosting software suite

Join an event as part of a group (typically 3-5), where companies and institutions answer questions posed by an experienced moderator.


Event hosting software suite

Get exposure and access to the 6ix investor network during 6ix conferences, where your company can present alongside other companies and thought leaders in your industry.


Advertising software suite

Our machine learning algorithms will specifically match your Company’s marketing and advertising assets with best-fit investors. Bespoke advertising campaigns designed around your goals.


Email automation software suite

Help your message go further through beautiful emails that are designed to be shared. We help you find opportunities to connect and update investors in between press releases.


Social automation software suite

Creating a social media account is easy. Growing it with the right followers is what we do best. Build relationships with investors through social media. Its where they are and where you should be.


Website design software suite

Made specifically for public companies to communicate their value proposition to prospective investors & stakeholders. On mobile, tablet, or desktop— it just works— and is easy to edit.


Video editing software suite

Your entire design workflow — connected. Leave comments, upload images, and download files. Earn trust by being internally and externally consistent with your Company marketing materials.


Analytics software suite

All of the metrics in our reports are aligned with your goals and business outcomes. Make data your competitive advantage and use it to get deals done. Know yourself and know your investors.


Trusted by more than 250 Public Companies

6ix Is How Metals & Mining Companies
Connect With Investors

More than 250 public Metals & Mining companies have used 6ix to connect with investors,
but don’t just take our word for it — hear it from them!

"Investors are wise to do their own research and boost their investment knowledge. To that end, 6ix does an outstanding job of bringing together experts in the mining space. After hosting and participating in numerous 6ix events, I can honestly say their format makes it easy to learn about the critical world of mining."

Peter Krauth

Editor of the Silver Stock Investor

FAQs about 6ix Raise

6ix Raise?

6ix Raise is a suite of tools purpose built to help investor relations professionals attract new investors, engage existing shareholders, and get analyst coverage.

What is included in 6ix Raise?

6ix Raise is powered by the 6ix Investor Experience (IX) Platform App Store, which includes 11 unique modules designed to help your company share its story.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is by setting up a demo with an account executive here.