Investor Experience Program

Reach the right investor at the right moment

Gamified Analytics


How do we measure success?

Quarterly Campaign Strategy

A meeting of the minds to determine the goals objective for the quarter

Monthly Strategy Meetings

Monthly check-ins to review campaign progress against goals, determining next steps

Monthly Campaign Reports

Printed version of the campaign goals for easy comparison against results

Bi-Weekly GANTT Reports

A GANTT chart describing what's happened, what's happening, and what's going to happen

Market Sentiment Reports

Ongoing monitoring on CEO.CA, Stockhouse, Seeking Alpha, and other sources

Highest Priority Support

Ongoing support via phone, email, calls and in-person meetings

Investor Ads

Campaign Channels

Where are ads served?


Ads targetting specific investors featured on websites such as Forbes, Kitco, SeekingAlpha and 100+ others


Boosted social media posts on FB, TW, LI and IG to increase awareness and engagement


Text-based ads that position you as the top search result on Google when people search for you or your peers

Audience Sources

Who sees the ads?

Your Website

Serve ads to people who have previously accessed your website, bringing them back and staying top of mind

Your Email List

Serve ads to people opted-in to your email newsletter

Your NOBO List

Serve ads to people on your NOBO list

Your Contacts

Serve ads to specific people in your contacts, e.g. institutions, majors, business cards from PDAC, etc.

Our Database

Serve ads to our database of 250,000 mining investors, by commodity or regional preference, investor status, and more

Types of Campaigns

When do the ads go out?

Exploration Results

Highlight your recent drill results, assay results or any other significant project developments

Financing Results

Announce financing results

Management Updates

Promote recent additions to your team and the skill set they bring

JV Announcements

Share news about projects that have been JV'd

Upcoming Events

Let investors know where they can meet you by promoting webinars, conferences, investor days, and more

& More

If you have a campaign idea, we will work with you to make it a campaign reality

Email Marketing

Newsletter Campaigns

What emails would be sent out, and when?

Press Release Series

When you have a press release, we send out an email letting people know

In The News Series

An email featuring positive news coverage about your company, jurisdiction, and commodity, sent monthly

Ask Me Anything Series

An email responding to questions about your project from social media and select investor forums, sent monthly

Drip Campaign

A series of automated emails sent out to new subscribers, walking them through your story and bringing them up to speed

Email Signature Banner Ads

Ads at the bottom of every email sent out by your team, featuring the latest press release or investor presentation

Frequently asked questions

- Get us up to speed and keep us up to date with the happenings at your company

- Provide all login details

- Provide all requested data

- Confirm start dates, timelines and goals

- Be collaborative

- Be expressive

- Read the GANTTs and reports

- Be on time for meetings and come prepared

- Be accessible

- We are your guide through the digital marketing ecosystem and how to build relationships with investors, online

- We will provide data and analytics for your campaigns, and other campaigns that you are running

- We will be a soundboard for you to bounce ideas

- Phone

- Email

- Skype

- In-person meetings

- Monthly Reports

- Bi-Weekly GANTT charts

- Please refer to the GANTT chart and campaign plan

- See quarterly goals

- On-going results via databox

- See results as the campaign progresses

- See results at check-ins

- See results in monthly reports

- See results in GANTTs

- Monthly reporting calls

- Quarterly plans

- To setup large campaigns

- Ads updated monthly + w/ events

- Be timely in giving us data

- Be responsive

- If we say there is a bottleneck, solve it for us promptly

- Read reports and GANTTs

- Ask questions and share ideas

- Full digital marketing services

- Ads

- Email

- Social

- Personal

- Corporate

- Investor attention increases

- Friendship

- Case study

- Payment

- Referrals

- Friendship

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