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G’day, and welcome to 6ix!

6ix is a financial technology company on a mission to unlock social mobility on a global scale by empowering anyone from anywhere to invest in anything.

Over the past 12-months, 6ix has networked more than 30 million investors, 175 companies, 157 analysts and 2 heads of state across all of our software products.

Our platform – – combines the power of community and technology by making it easy for companies, analysts, and investors to network.

Investors use 6ix when they want to discover asymmetrical investment opportunities in the capital markets with a high risk of failure and that require patient capital by:

Discovering, registering, attending, and participating in upcoming investor events on 6ix LIVE, as well as watching on-demand recordings on 6ix TV or the 6ixdotcom YouTube channel.

Attending keynotes, presentations, panels, breakout rooms, and 1-on-1 meetings through 6ix conferences.

Share knowledge and exchange jokes using 6ix chat.

Track 6,000+ stocks through 6ix markets.

Read, comment, and publish crowdsourced market commentary in 6ix magazine.

And analysts use our platform to publish their work, provide commentary, and reach a captive audience of investors, analysts, and companies.

Publishing their market commentary to magazine.

Hosting investor events to present their thoughts and ideas on the market.

Runing investor ads to generate brand awareness and grow their email list, social following, and website traffic.

Sending investor emails and automated sequences to prospective and active subscribers.

Booking meetings with companies, analysts, and investors to strengthen relationships.

Creating a website to centralize all of their publishing activities;

Visualizing all of their data across heatmaps, screen recordings, and feedback forms to optimize your investor relations program;

Cleaning and activating their investor dataflow to deliver more relevant marketing & advertising experiences for prospective and active subscribers, and sponsors;

Access all of their data in analytics through dashboards and a search-first interface.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

As you can see, we’ve built a lot of technology, and there is, even more, being built behind the scenes (such as contracts, roadmaps, strategy, design, creative, social, goals, tables, newsletters, and CRM). Stay tuned for early invites to our tech!