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Create shareholder value by advertising to retail investors through 6ix, the world’s first and only ad network specializing in educating Canadian retail investors about natural resource companies.

Would it be so strange if the new way people discovered their next investment opportunity was through ads served to them over the internet? It works for everything else.




Educate investors about your company through a beautifully designed investor portal that quickly and effectively gets investors up to speed about your latest business developments.

6ix started
6ix started


Attract investors to your investor portal by pushing press releases, videos and positive third party coverage to investors through your very own branded ads targeting our database of 5,000 retail investors.



Understand investors by reviewing analytics about who, what, when, where and why they're interested in your company.

6ix started

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Our goal is to become the gold standard in investor advertising. That’s why we’re offering you a free month of service (at our cost) and month to month billing once you decide you want to keep going. Fair enough?