We all know that when it comes to individuals and businesses, social media is a must. Some social networks such as LinkedIn can help you create a personal brand. Others, such as Facebook and Twitter, are popular among both individuals and companies, who use them to increase the size of their network and their level of exposure.

However, all of the benefits of social media are contingent on your profile, posts, and content being seen. This article will go over the best ways to get the most out of your social media posts.

Be aware of when to post

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Each social networking site has its own unique time when traffic highest. Posting during these times can ensure that your posts get more attention, that your content gets a higher click-through rate, and that more people are engaging with your post.

In the case of Facebook, posts from 1pm-4pm gain the most traffic and click-through and peak times for the site are usually in the middle of the week.

For LinkedIn, a post is likely to generate traffic at noon or 5-6pm, because of the surge of users who check their LinkedIn on their lunch break or immediately after work.

Images Increase Engagement

Images are the attention-grabbing part of any post. It’s all too easy to scroll past a wall of text on your Facebook new feed, less so an interesting image. On any social media network, a post that includes an image is likely to have much more engagement than a post without one. This phenomenon should be nothing new to an experienced user of social media.

Compare the posts of two friends, one saying they are at the airport waiting for their flight, and one saying the same thing, but including a picture of them at the gate. The post including the image will almost always have more engagement than the post that doesn’t have one. Use this in your everyday posts as well. If you want to increase interests in your posts, always include a visual.

Including an image is especially important on Twitter, where images take up significantly more space on a user’s timeline and are therefore more likely to attract attention.

Be mobile friendly

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More people are checking their social media while on their phone than ever before. If you’re linking to a website, make sure that the site has a mobile version available. If you include images, ensure that the picture also translates well to mobile.

Express yourself

Social media is about people. Those on social media want to learn more about the people that they are following. Your goal on social media should be to express yourself. Make posts that people want to pay attention to, and not just ones they scroll past when they show up in their news feed. Posts that are topical, expressive, and sometimes even controversial, can be the best posts to generate engagement and exposure on social media.

When creating content, include a call to action at the end of the post. It could be something small, like prompting followers to retweet, or something larger, like changing the way they view an issue. In any case, posts including genuine expression accompanied by calls to action will help you get the most out of your social media.

Put in the work

A lot of people look at social media and like the idea of having more of a presence than they currently do, but are unwilling to do anything about it. To get the most out of a social media network, you need to be willing to put in the necessary time and effort.  If you want to get more endorsements on LinkedIn, give some to people in your network. The notification they get will usually cause them to take a few seconds to endorse you in return. If you want more followers on Twitter, start tweeting at people, and following them. If you create engagement with other users, they are more likely to have the idea that they want to engage with you.