Investing in our planet

We view our planet, Earth, as a core part of our mission to unlock social mobility on a global scale. As we pursue this shared destiny, we are committed to addressing environmental concerns. We will be positive stewards of the environment by encouraging our team, clients and suppliers to make, meet, and exceed their environmental commitments.

How 6ix’s energy usage
stacks up against...

an already-low impact

By Planting Trees

In collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation through the Team Trees initative, 6ix is committed to planting trees.

Our Environmental Pledge

In order to further lessen 6ix’s already low environmental impact, we pledge to operate with the enviornment in mind. We will explore ways to reduce our enviornmental footprint as an organization, and we will encourage our clients and suppliers to do the same.

Even with the 6ix’s lighter impact, our energy needs will grow as we scale. In addition to planting trees, the engineers at 6ix will continue to make the 6ix Platform more performant — and therefore, more energy efficient.

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