March 28 - April 6, 2023




Recognizing that markets have been tough for the metals & mining sector, 6ix is hosting Mining Investor Experience (MIX), a free multi-day virtual conference from March 28 to April 6, 2023, to connect companies with our network of investors.





05 - 16, 2022

Recognizing that markets have been tough for the metals & mining sector, 6ix is hosting Mining Investor Experience (MIX), a free multi-day virtual conference from December 5–16, 2022, to connect companies with our network of investors.

Reasons to Speak at 6ix MIX

Get exposure and access to the 6ix investor network during 6ix MIX.

Get permanent discoverability via the 6ix network using a custom company page that will live on 6ix forever.

Low-friction opportunity to create and share marketing materials with your audience - the video, and all related marketing content, is yours.

Share your story with institutional, accredited and retail investors and analysts at 6ix MIX!

What To Expect?

Here is what you can expect leading up to the conference:


An email with a link to pre-record a 6 minute video of you presenting your top three investment highlights!


Custom promotional material including copy and graphics to post on social media as well as an email that you will be able to share with email subscribers to invite them to the event.


Your own Company page featured on for our users to discover your content and any future events you may have on 6ix.

Investors will get a 10,000 foot view of the entire metals & mining market. Similarly, companies will have the opportunity to pitch investors and get them up to speed on recent corporate developments.

6ix Network

Over the past 12 months, more than 170 North American-listed companies used 6ix to reach 30+ million investors, host 500+ events and grow their email lists by over 100,000 retail, accredited and institutional investors.

3M views on our

YouTube channel

2.2 million

minutes spent watching live events




summits hosted


unique page views across all marketing pages


video advertising impressions globally

Past Presenting Companies

6ix Is How Metals & Mining Companies
Connect With Investors

More than 179 public Metals & Mining companies have used 6ix to connect with investors,
but don’t just take our word for it — hear it from them!

"Investors are wise to do their own research and boost their investment knowledge. To that end, 6ix does an outstanding job of bringing together experts in the mining space. After hosting and participating in numerous 6ix events, I can honestly say their format makes it easy to learn about the critical world of mining."

Peter Krauth

Editor of the Silver Stock Investor


When is the conference?

6ix Mix: Leaders in Mining starts on March 28th and ends April 6th starting at 11 AM EST each day.

Do I need present live?

No, this event is all pre-recorded and played live! You can record the 6 minute presentation yourself at your leisure anytime before November 25th!

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to present at the conference!

What are things I need to know before recording my presentation?

- The video length is a maximum of 6 minutes. Feel free to use as much of the allotted time you require.

- The presentation should focus on what investors want to know about your company. In our experience, keeping it simple while highlighting the main reasons someone should invest in your company is the best way to keep your content engaging.

- This video will be seen by thousands of potential investors, make sure to test your audio and video quality before submitting your recording. Good lighting and clear audio make a huge difference.

How is the recording used after the event?

Your video will up uploaded to your Company Page on!

Do I own the recording and can I repurpose it?

Yes! The video is yours and you may use it as you see fit.

What is 6ix?

6ix is a financial technology company on a mission to unlock social mobility on a global scale by empowering anyone from anywhere to invest in anything. Our flagship product - - combines the power of community and technology by making it easy for anyone to attend, host, and market virtual investment summits. Virtual investment summits are live, interactive events delivered online by video, and are specifically designed around the unique capital markets needs of investors, analysts and companies. Virtual investment summits are powerful because they function as time-based events that bring people together at the exact moment when decisions are being made. Over the past 12-months, 177 North American listed companies used 6ix to reach 30+ million investors, host 500+ events, and grow their email lists by 100,000+ subscribers.

Can you give me some examples of events you run?

Sure! We run conferences such as the annual Africa Accelerating conference, now in its 3rd year on 6ix. This year, we had Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on our platform, head to head with Leader of Opposition Pierre Poulvre. Other notable guests included the former President of the Republic of South Africa, and Ivanhoe Mines Board Member, President Mothlanthe. A previous year of the event featured Mark Bristow, CEO of Barrick Gold. In March 2022, we hosted our first ever 6ix specific conference, where more than 41 companies in the metals & mining sector presented. Notable moderators for our events have included Rick Rule, Brien Lundin, Peter Schiff, Gwen Preston, Tavi Costa, Peter Krauth, and many others. Investors on our network have collectively spent more than 2 million minutes (33,333 hours) attending events on our platform. Most of our audience is from Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montrea, Edmonton) & the United States (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago), along with the major European financial hubs (London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris). More than 1,500 institutional investors are registered on 6ix; however, the vast majority of our network is retail because we are a platform open to everyone.

This sounds too good to be true... why are you doing this?

We believe in the metals & mining sector and choose to stand by you when times are tough and budgets are scarce. Remember us when times are good; the commodities supercycle is coming!

Who can I contact with questions or help?

For all inquiries, including technical support, please email or use the live chat function of our website and we will assist you as rapidly as we can.

You can also reach 6ix’s co-founders directly by emailing to contact Daniel Barankin, CEO, or by emailing to contact Bianca Pisciola, COO.

Does 6ix provide financial advice?

6ix does not provide financial advice of any kind, please do your own due diligence.

Our role in the capital markets is to provide a technology platform that empowers investors & companies to connect directly.

Can I read the full disclaimer?

Yes, it is located at the bottom of each page at our website and here: