Help Citizens of Ukraine is a fundraiser dedicated to providing additional support to those affected by the war in Ukraine. It is the initiative of 6ix's Video Editor, Nina Yakymova, a Ukrainian immigrant. Nina's family lives in Kherson, a city occupied by the Russian army. With the help of the 6ix community, Nina hopes to raise awareness about Ukraine and provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups and individuals.

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Help Citizens of Ukraine

A message from Nina

Hi, my name is Nina. I am a Ukrainian living in Toronto.

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded my home country: Ukraine. The lives of Ukrainians haven’t been the same since.

My family, including my 11-year-old younger brother, lives in Kherson. A city the Russian army occupies. Despite limited food resources and Russian soldiers not letting in humanitarian convoys filled with food and medication, citizens protest with gigantic Ukrainian flags and yell Ukrainian chants, fearlessly standing against the armed occupiers. My city is an example of the strong resistance in Ukraine. We cherish our language, land, and culture—we won’t give it up so easily.

My heart aches for peaceful civilians who lost their lives. This should not be happening in 2022.

I’m starting this fundraiser, Help Citizens of Ukraine, to help my people. The funds will be transferred to carefully researched small-scale humanitarian organizations and trusted individuals. Receipts will be attached shortly after the transaction and posted on my LinkedIn. The fundraiser focuses on groups and individuals who support Ukrainian minorities and queer folk as well as supply food and medication to those in need.

Today I’m asking for your support. Together, we can provide additional help to Ukrainians in this critical time. Donations of any size are highly appreciated.

Thank you.


To contribute, click the DONATE button on the right side of the screen, which will transfer you to a PayPal page.

Absolutely! Every dollar counts. All money raised will be transferred to Ukrainian relief organizations.

After reaching the initial goal, the funds will be transferred to carefully researched small-scale humanitarian organizations and trusted individuals. The sum will be divided into organizations helping on Ukrainian grounds. The intent is to provide additional financial support to minorities, queer folk, and local volunteer groups supplying food and medication. As events in Ukraine unfold quickly and unexpectedly, we are tracking down individuals and organizations focusing on those who have been less fortunate with relief programs. We aim for this money to be used to its full potential.

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