Aranjin Resources


Aranjin Resources is an emerging copper exploration company with a focus on Mongolia. The management team has an unrivalled record in Mongolia: Hunnu Coal ($500m exit), Steppe Gold (Mongolia’s top gold producer), ION Energy (Mongolia’s first lithium brine explorer), and the management and board control 50% of the outstanding shares of Aranjin. Aranjin owns the Sharga Copper Project in the Sharga Soum of Gobi Altai Province and Bayan Undur Copper Project in the Bayan Undur Soum of Bayankhongor Province. Aranjin is in the process of acquiring additional highly prospective copper projects in Mongolia. Its drilling program at Bayan Undur Soum is in progress as of Q2 2021; its drilling program at Sharga Soum commenced and is in progress as of Summer 2021, with the first drilling results released in December 2021. Visit Website