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Join us on our mission to empower anyone,
from anywhere, to invest in anything.

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Why build your career at 6ix?

A career at 6ix is not for everyone.

We are a mission-driven team with strong convictions about what we do and why we do it. We are not a lifestyle company. We celebrate work-life rhythm, rather than work-life balance. Most people are not suited for a career at 6ix, and that is perfectly okay. A career at 6ix is not for everyone.

For mission-driven people that want to leave the world in a better state than how they found it, 6ix provides an opportunity to connect the world’s financial ecosystem: Every investor, every analyst, and every company.

We’re pursuing this mission because for too long, economic opportunities have been limited to those with connections or those with existing wealth. Our products and services democratize access to investment opportunities so that people can live better lives, and participate in how the world around them gets built.

Our mission spans 7 continents (including Antarctica), 20 billion people (we give consideration to past and future generations), and is fundamentally a mission about leaving the world in a better state than how we found it.

Will you join us?

We built 6ix out of a belief that people should be part of building the future, rather than feeling like the future is something that happens to them. 6ix is a place to debate, fund, and build the future, together. Let the best ideas win, and the worst ideas fail, out in the open.

Daniel Barankin, CEO of 6ix

6ix is on a mission to empower anyone, from anywhere, to invest in anything.

To achieve our mission, our strategy is to prioritize speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty.

The pillars of our strategy are: Category Design, Growth Loops,
 and Network Effects.

Category Design

We are the founders of a new software category called Business-to-Investor (B2I). Our products, the 6ix Investor (IX) Experience Platform, and the 6ix Investment Discovery Platform (ID), 
sit at the intersection of MarTech, FinTech, Managed Services, & Marketplace categories.

Growth Loops.

Every summit producted on 6ix simultaneously results in its consumption on the part of attendees, with some fraction of attendees going on to host their own summits on 6ix.

Network Effects.

Every summit that gets hosted on makes our product incrementally better for the next person who uses it.

The 6ix Charter of Rights & Responsibilities

Our social contract is founded upon the values of courage, honour, and ambition –
speed, precision, and sacrifice are our virtues.

Our Committment to You

Change The World For The Better

We believe that people should be part of building the future, rather than feeling like its something that happens to them. At 6ix, you’ll be part of building the future of investment by promoting the free flow of opportunities, ideas, and capital.

Radical Transparency

We commit ourselves to being transparent, organization wide, about our investment thesis and goals. Success and failures will be communicated honestly and openly.

Massive Opportunities for Career Growth

Power comes from necessity. Leadership at 6ix is earned through performance, not seniority. At 6ix, you can grow beyond even your own expectations.

Your Committment to Us

10% Growth Is A Fireable Offence

Growth is everything. It’s what we’re measured on, and it’s how value can be created or destroyed. Linear or incremental growth is not rewarded at 6ix. All growth needs to be exponential.

You Are What You Do

Own your functional area. Take pride in your work and how your work shapes your identity.

Your Best Ideas, Not Your First Ideas

We expect thoughtfulness in everything you do. Don’t come up with solutions right away, become obsessed with the problems you’re trying to solve instead. Let your best ideas win, not your first ones.


Employee Equity Plan

Our goal is to align our interests; therefore, you can purchase shares in 6ix and profit from our shared success.


A weekly Q&A with the CEO, a monthly book club, and 100% reimbursement for work-related books.

Remote Work

We believe that your best work can happen anywhere. Joining 6ix means being part of a global community, working from around the globe.

Leadership Development

Our goal is to hire for life; therefore, we will invest resources in unlocking your full potential so that you can rise without limits.

Five-Year Sabbatical

Our goal is to honour our people; therefore, after five years with 6ix, you get a four-week paid sabbatical, with the equivalent of a $5K bonus.

Performance Bonuses

We reward performance, and celebrate your wins along with you in the form of team bonuses for achieving and exceeding goals.

Join our mission of empowering anyone,
from anywhere, to invest in anything.