People should be part of building the future,
rather than feeling like its something that happens to them.

6ix provides a data-driven investor experience platform
that helps public companies attract investors,
engage shareholders, and build trust.


CEO of 6ix

Daniel Barankin

Daniel Barankin is the founding Chief Executive Officer of 6ix, where he oversees the design, development, and engineering of the 6ix investor experience platform.

Daniel studied philosophy, politics, and anthropology at the University of Toronto, Trinity College, before launching 6ix on Canada Day 2016.

Prior to 6ix, Daniel was the CEO of Academic Nexus, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping pre-revenue startups reach multi-million dollar run rates in their first years of business.

COO of 6ix

Bianca Pisciola

Bianca Pisciola is the founding Chief Operating Officer of 6ix. She oversees the customer success team.

Prior to 6ix, Bianca was a TV, radio, and film actress featured in Degrassi, Super Why!, and others.

Bianca sits on the board of One Silver Lining, a Canadian non-profit organization supporting youth through conferences, benefit concert, TEDx talks, and scholarships.

Investor Relations

Reinventing public companies
to be more transparent,
inclusive, and liquid

Public companies around the world represent
$70.2 trillion of wealth.

The flows of capital represented by this map do not reflect live
results but are generated from a simulation of our internal data.