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CEO of 6ix

Daniel Barankin

Daniel Barankin is the founding Chief Executive Officer of 6ix, where he oversees the design, development, and engineering of the 6ix investor experience platform.

Daniel studied philosophy, politics, and anthropology at the University of Toronto, Trinity College, before launching 6ix on Canada Day 2016.

Prior to 6ix, Daniel was the CEO of Academic Nexus, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping pre-revenue startups reach multi-million dollar run rates in their first years of business.

COO of 6ix

Bianca Pisciola

Bianca Pisciola is the founding COO of 6ix, a capital markets technology platform. Through 6ix, she has deployed data-driven investor relations technology for more than 100 public mining companies, including Endeavour Mining and McEwen Mining.

Bianca is on the founding team of Save Canadian Mining, an advocacy group dedicated to reinstating the tick test within Canadian capital markets. Other members of the founding team include Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, Keith Neumeyer, Sean Roosen, and other leaders of industry.

She also sits on the board of One Silver Lining, a Canadian non-profit organization she founded, supporting youth through conferences, benefit concerts, TEDx talks, and scholarships.

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What people are saying

The team at 6ix did an amazing job. The level of professionalism and efficiency was fantastic. A very results driven team.

Justin Brown

Managing Partner, Element25
(ASX: E25)

6ix has created a powerful tool with its Webinar platform for us to engage with both shareholders and potential investors.

Dan Wilton

CEO, First Mining Gold

Professional, seamless webinar from 6ix allowed Maritime to pitch our company to over 100 investors.

Garett Macdonald

CEO, Maritime Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

6ix provides a financial technology solution built around the unique capital markets needs of investors, analysts, and companies. Our flagship product, the 6ix Investor Experience (IX) platform, connects people who see the future with the companies building it. Investors, analysts, and companies use our technology to debate, fund, and build the future, together.
6ix is for investors that want to build the future by financing it.
Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of live, virtual investment summits, and on-demand video recordings presented by some of the world's most interesting investors, analysts, and companies..
Investors are able to use 6ix for free & analysts get paid for contributing to 6ix.
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