There’s been a tremendous relationship between Germany and gold. Check out our top headline picks for today:

1. More good news for lead price as market tightens further


Last week the price of lead spiked on the London Metal Exchange hitting the highest level since August 2011 at just over $2,600 a tonne.

The price of the metal used mainly in automobile and motorcycle batteries has since softened but is still trading up 27% year-to-date.

News from top producer and consumer China may provide further upside for lead. In a sign that already tight primary lead supply is getting tighter, Chinese smelters just lowered their treatment and refining charges to as much as half the average over the first half of 2017. (See full article here)

2. Germans Have Quietly Become The World’s Biggest Buyers Of Gold

(Source: Pixabay)

When I talk about Indians’ well-known affinity for gold, I tend to focus on Diwali and the wedding season late in the year. Giving gifts of beautiful gold jewelry during these festivals is considered auspicious in India, and historically we’ve been able to count on prices being supported by increased demand.

Another holiday that triggers gold’s Love Trade is Dussehra, which fell on September 30 this year. Thanks to Dussehra, India’s gold imports rose an incredible 31 percent in September compared to the same month last year, according to GFMS data. The country brought in 48 metric tons, equivalent to $2 billion at today’s prices. (See full article here)

3. Meet the Mining Industry’s Newest Mogul

Anil Agarwal began his career as a metals dealer in India nearly 50 years ago. Today, he is a billionaire making one of the biggest bets on the global mining industry’s recovery.

The chairman of India’s Vedanta Resources PLC has used a family trust to invest almost $4.5 billion in Anglo American PLC this year, taking control of about 20% of the U.K. mining giant. Along with his controlling ownership of about $2.1 billion in his own company, the stake vaults Mr. Agarwal into a rarefied group of mining investors. (See full story here)


4. Mining Intelligence takes off the wrapping

Mining Intelligence unveiled new functionality and a new look this fall.

The online research tool used for discovering rich data insights about mines and projects received a grand launch last month to introduce added features and a plan for building industry buzz.

“Our purpose is to provide exclusive mining market intelligence with intuitive, accurate insights that make the right decisions easier,” says Rob King, president of Glacier’s Mining Group.

“Mining Intelligence is a large-scale initiative, and we are building a new brand with world-class products and thought-provoking marketing.” (See full article here)

5. Copper Moves Back Above $3

Doctor Copper is an industrial metal that tends to tell us a lot about the health of the global economy. The red metal that is an essential building block for infrastructure posted a double-digit gain on the London Metals Exchange in the third quarter. Copper trades on both the LME in London and COMEX division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the United States. The London contract trades in dollars per ton, and the U.S. future represents the price in dollars per pound. The LME offers a forward contract, and the most active trading occurs in the 90-day forwards. The structure of the LME encourages producer, and consumer hedging as deliveries can occur each business day of the year. (See full article here)