An investor relations solution that puts you where your best investors are
at conferences, in the news, on social media and in advertisements.

New distribution channels

Get your company news on dozens of investment websites and access our social media influencer network of North American small, micro and nano-cap investors.

Intelligent investor portal

An investor page designed and maintained for you with regular updates to feature your latest company developments.

Sophisticated investor analytics

Understand how investors are engaging with your content using our IP tracking network.

Reinventing investor relations

6ix is the missing link between all the good work your company is doing and investors hearing about it.


6ix automates the most time consuming parts of investor relations, saving you time and money, while getting your message to more investors.

Reach more investors

We put you where your investors are. They can find you on social media, small cap forums, and being written about by analysts.

Tell your story better

Never worry about the accuracy of your investor portal or pay for an expensive redesign. We guarantee the accuracy of your content, and we will update the design of your portal each quarter.

Speak to your best investors

Every tweak in your messaging is driven by the analytics 6ix collects and analyzes for you

"Daniel and Bianca are great to work with; they "get it" because they are entrepreneurs too. They are also extremely insightful and have provided many new actionable ideas for our business. Every meeting with them leads to positive developments. They also work extremely hard." - Chad Williams, CEO of Red Cloud Klondike Strike

"Working with 6ix exponentially increased our user base and freed up our time so we could focus on other aspects of the business." - Hannah Bronfman, CEO of HBFIT

"Adding 6ix to your team will be one of the best decisions you make. They integrated seamlessly with our workflow and created tremendous value for our business." - Yale Fox, CEO of Rentlogic


80% of IR services for 20% of the price

Investor Portal

Your website isn’t for consumers or businesses. It's for investors. So we designed it for investors.

IP Tracking Network

Get notified each time an investment fund accesses your website. Use that information to take action.

Social Media Distribution

Leverage our influencer network of small, micro and nano-cap investors to get your company updates to the people who want to read them.

Press & Web Distribution

Get your company updates published on websites like Stockhouse, Seeking Alpha,, and others.

Is now a good time to bring on more investors?

Public companies trust 6ix to get their news to the investors that matter. Want to join them?